Equilibrio Vital

Equilibrio Vital are a Venezuelan symphonic-rock band that has been intermittently active since the start of the 1980s. The band issued its self-titled debut album on the Color label in 1983. That album, along with the 1984 followup Kazmor el Prisionero, were reissued by Musea in the 2000s and have since drawn global praise. These developments prompted the band to renew their founding vision on 2010’s Retorno, their first album in 20 years.

Members: Guillermo González (bass, flute, guitar, saxophone), Jaime Moroldo (art), Marcos Chacón (lead guitar, 1980-2001), Carlos Serga (rhythm guitar, 1980-88), Elena Prieto (lead vocals, poetry, 1980-90), Aracely Ramírez (art, 1981-present), Arnoldo Serga (bass, percussion, 1981-95), Laureano Rangel (drums, 1981-90), Norma Figuera (poetry, 1981-90), Trina Noguera (dancing, 1984-90), Maximino Suárez (keyboards, rhythm guitar, backing vocals, 1986-97), Marco Fatone (drums, 1993-94), Jorge Luis Ayala (drums, 1995-97, 2001-present), Fernando Salas (drums, 1999), Jorge Lieschtenstein (drums, 1999-2001), Endgork Moroldo (keyboards, 2000-present)


  • Equilibrio Vital (1983)
  • Kazmor el Prisionero (1984)
  • El Calor Humano (cassette, 1987)
  • 1990 (cassette, 1990)
  • Retorno (2010)

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