Energy was a Swedish jazz-rock band that released a self-titled album on Harvest in 1974.

Members: Alvaro Is (piano, electric piano, organ), Amedeo Nicoletti (guitar), Björn Inge (drums), Bosse Norlén (bass), Luis Agudo (percussion)

Energy fused when ex-November drummer Björn Inge teamed with three aspiring musicians: guitarist Amedeo Nicoletti, bassist Bosse Norlén, and Spanish-born keyboardist Alvaro Is. They were one of the earliest European jazz-rock bands to emerge following the 1973 release Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy by Return to Forever.

Energy was released in 1974 on the Swedish branch of EMI-subsidiary Harvest. Side one contains two medium-length Alvaro compositions: “Subtle Forces” and “Metamorphoses–Impression.” Nicoletti composed the remaining tracks, including “John” and the 10-minute “Porta Marina.”

Sessions occurred that March at EMI Studios, Stockholm, where jazz elder Gunnar Lindqvist (Maffy Falay, Solar Plexus, Panta Rei) produced Energy with engineer Gunnar Lööf. Argentinean percussionist Luis Agudo augmented the band on record. The flame-engulfed cover visuals were designed by one Lill Efvergren.

Inga joined the pop–schlager band Blåblus and backed assorted Swedish pop acts (Gimmicks, Lena Andersson). Nicoletti played on the 1974 release Bluesport by saxophonist Lars Gullin. In 1979, he surfaced in Latin jazz-funksters Hot Salsa. Alvaro Is played on late ‘70s albums by the Spanish musicians Bibiano and Max Sunyer.

Energy was reissued in 2012 by German archivists O-Music.


  • Energy (1974)


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