Emmanuelle Parrenin

Emmanuelle Parrenin is a French multi-instrumentalist and composer who played in the bands Gentiane, Mélusine, and La Confrérie des Fous during the 1970s. Between 1974 and 1976, she recorded four collaborative albums, including two with then-husband Phil Fromont. Her singular solo album of the era, Maison Rose, appeared on Ballon Noir in 1977.


  • La maumariée (1974 • Phil et Emmanuelle Fromont)
  • Le galant noyé : Ballades et chansons traditionnelles françaises (1975 • Emmanuelle Parrenin, Jean-Loup Baly, Jean-François Dutertre & Dominique Regef)
  • Chansons à danser : Belle ton amour me mène (1976 • Jean-Loup Baly, Jean-François Dutertre, Emmanuelle Parrenin, Naïk Raviart, Mône Dufour & Dominique Regef)
  • Château dans les nuages (1976 • Emmanuelle Parrenin, Phil Fromont & Claude Lefebvre)
  • Maison Rose (1977)
  • Pérélandra (2017, recorded 1978–82)

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