Emil Viklický

Emil Viklický (born Nov. 23, 1948) is a Czech pianist, composer, and bandleader who first emerged as a member of jazz-rock combo Energit, appearing on their 1975 eponymous album for Supraphon. He concurrently served in SHQ, playing on their 1977 three-song EP in Panton’s Mini Jazz Klub series.

In 1978, Viklický recorded as one-third of The Keyboard Conclave and also issued his first headlining album V Holomóci městě… — aka The Folk-Inspired Jazz Piano. In 1979, he recorded two albums: Okno, released that year on Supraphon; and Dveře / Door, which the label shelved until 1985. The following decade saw him collaborate with numerous notables, including U.S. jazz pianist James Williams on the 1982 album Together – Spolu.


  • The Keyboard Conclave (1978 • Gabriel Jonáš, Karel Růžička & Emil Viklický)
  • V Holomóci městě… (1978)
  • Okno (1979 • Emil Viklický, Bill Frisell, Kermit Driscoll & Vinton Johnson)
  • Together – Spolu (1982 • James Williams & Emil Viklický)
  • Confluence (1985 • Jarmo Sermilä & Emil Viklický)
  • Dveře / Door (1985, recorded 1979 • Emil Viklický, Bill Frisell, Kermit Driscoll & Vinton Johnson)
  • Homage to Joan Miró (1988 • Emil Viklický Quartet)

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