Eloy is a German symphonic/space-rock band that debuted with a 1970 standalone single on United Records, followed by a 1971 self-titled album on Philips. Between 1973 and 1984, they released twelve albums on Harvest.

Members: Frank Bornemann (guitar, lead vocals), Manfred Wieczorke (guitar, bass, vocals, 1969-75), Wolfgang Stöcker (bass, 1969-73), Erich Schriever (lead vocals, organ, piano, keyboards, 1969-72), Helmuth Draht (drums, 1969-72), Fritz Randow (drums, 1973-75, 1981-84), Luitjen Janssen (bass, 1974-75), Detlev Schwaar (guitar, 1975), Matze (bass, 1976-84, 1994-present), Detlev Schmidtchen (keyboards, guitar, 1976-79), Jürgen Rosenthal (drums, 1976-79), Hannes Arkona (guitar, 1979-84), Hannes Folberth (keyboards, 1979-84, 1998-present), Jim McGillivray (drums, 1979-81), Michael Gerlach (keyboards, vocals, 1988-present)


Eloy was formed in 1969 in Hanover by guitarist Frank Bornemann, the band’s one constant member through all its configurations. The original lineup featured guitarist Manfred Wieczorke, bassist Wolfgang Stöcker, drummer Helmuth Draht, and keyboardist Erich Schriever, who initially served as their singer. They issued their first single, the fuzz-laden waltz “Walk Alone” (b/w “Daybreak”), on United Records in 1970.

In one of their earliest videos, Eloy mime their then-unreleased “I Work It Out” — a gruff hard-rocker with brisk, extended solos, primarily in the key of B  — atop wrecked automobiles at a hippie music festival. (The video appears as a bonus on their 2010 two-DVD retrospective The Legacy Box.)


Eloy released their self-titled debut album in July 1971 on Philips.


Eloy released their second album, Inside, on October 10, 1973, on Harvest.


Eloy released their third album, Floating, on October 11, 1974, on Harvest.

Power and the Passion

Eloy released their fourth album, Power and the Passion, in October 1975 on Harvest.


Eloy released their fifth album, Dawn, on October 4, 1976, on Harvest.


Eloy released their sixth album, Ocean, on October 26, 1977, on Harvest.


In May 1978, Eloy issued Live, a two-record document of their March tour of Germany, France, and Switzerland.

Silent Cries and Mighty Echoes

Eloy released their seventh studio album, Silent Cries and Mighty Echoes, on January 10, 1979, on Harvest.


Eloy released their eighth studio album, Colours, in June 1980 on Harvest.


Eloy released their ninth studio album, Planets, in June 1981 on Harvest.

Time to Turn

Eloy released their tenth studio album, Time to Turn, on April 6, 1982, on Harvest.


Eloy released their eleventh studio album, Performance, in April 1983 on Harvest.


Eloy released their twelfth studio album, Metromania, on June 15, 1984, on Harvest.

Code Name: Wild Geese

In October 1984, Eloy released Code Name: Wild Geese, the soundtrack to the Italian–German war film starring Lewis Collins (The Professionals).


Eloy released their thirteenth studio album, Ra, on March 15, 1988, on ACI.


  • “Walk Alone” / “Daybreak” (1970)
  • Eloy (1971)
  • Inside (1973)
  • Floating (1974)
  • Power and the Passion (1975)
  • Dawn (1976)
  • Ocean (1977)
  • Silent Cries and Mighty Echoes (1979)
  • Colours (1980)
  • Planets (1981)
  • Time to Turn (1982)
  • Performance (1983)
  • Metromania (1984)
  • Code Name: Wild Geese (OST, 1984)
  • Ra (1988)


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