Elonkorjuu were a Finnish hard-rock band from Pori that was active for two periods during the 1970s. The band’s first grouping produced the 1972 album Harvest Time for Parlophone. In 1978, the reactivated band released Flyin’ High, Runnin’ Fast on RCA Victor.

Members: Jukka Syrenius (guitar), Veli-Pekka Pessi (bass, 1969-72, 1976-present), Timo Hannukainen (vocals, 1969), Rainer Koski (drums, 1969-70), Ilkka Poijärvi (guitar, organ, flute, 1972-79), Eero Rantasila (drums, 1970-72), Heikki Lajunen (vocals, guitar, bass, piano, 1970-75), Antti Halminen (vocals, 1971), Hannu Nieminen (bass, 1972-79), Reijo Hannuksela (drums, 1972-75), Seppo Tyni (guitar, 1975), Veikko Nuotio (drums, 1976-79), Kari Tamminen (vocals, 1976-78), Petri Heimonen (alto saxophone, 1976-77), Jukka Unkila (tenor saxophone, 1976), Pekka Tyni (piano, 1976), Jari Perkiömäki (saxophone, clarinet, 1977-79)


  • Harvest Time (1972)
  • Flyin’ High, Runnin’ Fast (1978)

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