Elf was an American hard-rock band that released a self-titled 1972 album on Epic, followed by the 1974/75 MGM albums Carolina County Ball and Trying to Burn the Sun. They were a frequent opening act of Deep Purple, whose bassist, Roger Glover, produced Elf’s three albums.

Singer Ronnie James Dio joined guitarist Ritchie Blackmore in his post-Purple outfit Rainbow. After a spell in the 1980/81 lineup of Black Sabbath, Dio recorded multiple albums with his namesake metal band Dio.

Members: Ronnie James Dio (vocals, bass), David Rock Feinstein (guitar, 1970-73), Gary Driscoll (drums, percussion), Mickey Lee Soule (piano, keyboards, vocals), Steve Edwards (guitar, 1973-75), Craig Gruber (bass, 1973-75), Mark Nauseef (percussion, 1975)

Elf evolved from The Electric Elves, a garage-psych band formed in upstate New York in 1967.


  • Elf (1972)
  • Carolina County Ball (1974)
  • Trying to Burn the Sun (1975)


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