Ekseption was a Dutch classical/jazz-rock band from Haarlem, Noord-Holland, originally formed in 1958 as The Jokers. Between 1969 and 1976, the band released nine albums on Philips.

Members: Hans Alta (bass, 1958-68), Rein van den Broek (flugelhorn, trumpet, 1958-78), Tim Griek (drums, 1958-68), Huib van Kampen (guitar, saxophone, 1958-69), Rob Kruisman (flute, guitar, saxophone, vocals, 1967-69), Rick van der Linden (organ, keyboards, 1967-74), Cor Dekker (bass, 1968), Dick Remelink (saxophone, 1970-73), Peter de Leeuwe (drums, 1968-73), Ab Tamboer (drums), Dennis Witbraat (drums, 1970), Eddie Conard (drums), Frans Muys van de Moer (bass), Hans Hollestelle (guitar, violin, 1974), Hans Jansen (keyboards, 1974), Jan Vennik (saxophone, 1973), Johan Slager (guitar), Koen Merkelbach (vocals, 1970), Max Werner (drums, marimba, percussion), Michel van Dijk (vocals, 1969-70), Pieter Voogt (drums, 1973)


Ekseption had its roots in The Jokers, a school covers band formed in 1958 in Haarlem by bassist Hans Alta, drummer Tim Griek, trumpeter Rein van den Broek, and saxophonist Huib van Kampen. In 1965, they renamed themselves The Incrowd (after the Ramsey Lewis song), but soon discovered this name had been taken by an English beat group (the precursor to Tomorrow). They made their vinyl debut with Ekseption at ABC, a three-song maxi-single released as ‘Jazz and Beatformation the Ekseption’ on RCS.

In 1967, the newly named Ekseption added guitarist/reedist Rob Kruisman, who became their frontman. Months later, they added keyboardist Rick van der Linden, a classically trained Conservatory graduate and veteran of several jazz groups, including the Occasional Swing Combo. Ekseption issued two R&B singles that year on Imperial: “Talk About Tomorrow” (b/w “Mojo Ann”) and “Laura” (b/w “From Africa With Love”).

In 1968, Ekseption won first prize at the Loosdrechtse Jazz Concours and got signed to Phonogram. Alta and Griek cleared out for bassist Cor Dekker and drummer Peter De Leeuwe.


Ekseption released their self-titled debut album in July 1969 on Philips.

Beggar Julia’s Time Trip

Ekseption released their second album, Beggar Julia’s Time Trip, in February 1970 on Philips.

Ekseption 3

Ekseption released their numerical third album in November 1970 on Philips.


Ekseption released their fourth album, 00:04, in October 1971 on Philips.

Ekseption 5

Ekseption released their numerical fifth album in September 1972 on Philips.


Ekseption released their sixth album, Trinity, in September 1973 on Philips.


Ekseption released their seventh album, Bingo, in August 1974 on Philips.


Ekseption released their eighth album, Mindmirror, in September 1975 on Philips.


  • Ekseption (1969)
  • Beggar Julia’s Time Trip (1970)
  • Ekseption 3 (1970)
  • 00:04 (1971)
  • Ekseption 5 (1972)
  • Trinity (1973)
  • Bingo (1974)
  • Mindmirror (1975)
  • Back to the Classics (1976)
  • Ekseption ’78 (1978)
  • Dance Macabre (1981)
  • Ekseption ’89 (1989)


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