Ekatarina Velika

Ekatarina Velika were a Yugoslav New Wave band from Beograd in modern-day Serbia. Between 1985 and 1989, the band released four albums and a live recording on ZKP RTVLJ and RTB. The band evolved from Katarina II, which sprung from the ashes of Šarlo Akrobata.

Members: Milan Mladenović (vocals, guitar), Margita Stefanović [Magi] (keyboards), Bojan Pečar (bass, 1985-90), Ivan Fece [Firči] (drums, 1985-86), Ivan Ranković [Raka] (drums, 1986-87), Srđan Todorović [Žika] (drums, 1987-90), Marko Milivojević (drums, 1990-94), Dragiša Uskoković [Ćima] (bass, 1993-94), Boško Stanojević (bass, 1994)

The roots of Ekatarina Velika stretch back to the Belgrade post-punk trio Šarlo Akrobata, which released one album and partook in a multi-artist LP in 1981. After that band split, guitarist/vocalist Milan Mladenović (1958–1994) formed Katarina II with guitarist Dragomir Mihajlović and two other members. By the time of their 1984 eponymous album, bassist Bojan Pečar (1960–1998) and keyboardist Margita Stefanović (1959–2002) had joined the band. Drummer Ivan Fece (aka Firči) replaced another Ivan on drums just after the album was recorded. Mihajlović then quit and the band changed its name to Ekatarina Velika.

Pre-Katarina II, Pečar released an album with Via Talas (1983) and Firči cut an album apiece with Luna and Jakarta (both 1984). Years earlier, the drummer played with popsters Žetva. Concurrent to Ekatarina Velika’s own debut, Stefanović partook in Parni Valjak’s 1985 release Pokreni Se!.

Ekatarina Velika released their self-titled debut album in 1985 on ZKP RTVL. It’s comprised of nine originals, including the melismic “Hodaj,” the eerily emotive “Olovne Godine,” the propulsive “Tatoo,” and the barren/desolate “Ruke.” The album features guest appearances by guitarist Tomo In Der Mühlen (Karlowy Vary) and vocalist Massimo Savić (Dorian Gray). It was recorded that winter by Dragan Čačinović at Studio SIM, Zagreb. A video was made for “Tatoo.” Detailed interplay, which alternates arpeggios with wavering runs, is constant amid the hi-tech sonic environment.

In 1986, Ekatarina Velika issued their second album on ZKP, S’ Vetrom uz Lice. It too features nine originals, including the EBow-lighted “Sarajevo,” the anthemic “Budi Sam na Ulici,” the swaying buildup of “Grad,” the luminous shimmer of “Soba,” and the effects-flanked briskness of “Ti si Sav Moj Bol.” The music is credited between all four members with Mladenović taking claim for the lyrics. Stefanović is credited with the cover design. All throughout, pastel/neon keyboard lines and trebly guitar/bass tones are rendered with crystal-clear production.

The following year, Ekatarina Velika released their third album, Ljubav, on PGP RTB. Also in 1987, they issued the live disc 19Live86 under the acronymic name EKV. Their fourth studio album, Samo par godina za nas, followed on ZKP in 1989. Two further albums appeared on PGP during the early 1990s. The band broke up after Mladenović’s death in 1994.


  • Ekatarina Velika (1985)
  • S’ vetrom uz lice (1986)
  • Ljubav (1987)
  • 19Live86 (live, 1987 • EKV)
  • Samo par godina za nas (1989)

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