Eela Craig

Eela Craig were an Austrian symphonic-rock band that was initially active for 11 years, starting in 1970. The band debuted with an eponymous album in 1971 on self-press Pro Disc. A half-decade pause in recording activity — broken only by the 1974 single “Stories” / “Cheese” — would precede their popular 1976 album One Niter on Vertigo.

The following year found Eela Craig in the studio once again for album three, Hats of Glass, released in 1978 with artwork by Heide Bußler. That same year, the band issued a fourth full-length, Missa Universalis, on Philips. The band rounded out its initial run with the 1980 Ariola album Virgin Oiland and the following year’s standalone single “Mo-Bike Jive” / “Carry On.” A late ’80s resurrection of the name yielded further releases.

Members: Hubert Bognermayer (keyboards, vocals), Harald Zuschrader (guitar, keyboards, flute), Wil Orthofer (vocals, saxophone, drums), Horst Waber (drums, percussion), Heinz Gerstmair (guitar), Gerhard Englisch (bass), Fritz Riedelberger (guitar, vocals, piano), Hubert Schnauer (keyboards, Mellotron, flute), Joe Drobar (drums, percussion), Frank Hueber (drums, percussion)


  • Eela Craig (1971)
  • “Stories” / “Cheese” (1974)
  • One Niter (1976)
  • Hats of Glass (1978)
  • Missa Universalis (1978)
  • Virgin Oiland (1980)
  • “Mo-Bike Jive” / “Carry On” (1981)
  • Hit or Miss (1988)

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