Dug Dug’s

Dug Dug’s were a Mexican garage-psych band that issued a string of shortplayers on RCA Victor during the late 1960s. Between 1971 and 1973, a harder rocking iteration of the band released two albums on RCA, followed by a second pair of albums on the label’s Camden imprint in 1975.

Members: Jorge de la Torre (vocals), Armando Nava (keyboards, guitar, vocals), Gustavo Garayzar (guitar), Genero Garcia (bass), Jorge Torres Aguayo (drums, bass), Enrique Nava (drums, backing vocals), Gabino Araujo (bass, backing vocals)


  • Brinca brinca (EP, 1966)
  • Dug Dug’s (1971)
  • Smog (1973)
  • Cambia, cambia (1975)
  • El Loco (1975)

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