Druid was an English symphonic-rock band from Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, that released the album Toward the Sun on EMI in 1975, followed by Fluid Druid in 1976. Drummer Ced Sharpley later resurfaced in Gary Numan‘s Tubeway Army and Dramatis.

Members: Neil Brewer (bass), Andrew McCrorie-Shand (keyboards), Ced Sharpley (drums), Dane [Dane Stevens] (guitar, vocals)

Druid formed in 1971 in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, when singer/guitarist Dane Stevens teamed with bassist Neil Brewer and drummer Ced Sharpley. They performed as a trio before hiring keyboardist Andrew McCrorie-Shand. In 1974, they entered and won the Rock and Folk talent contest, hosted by Melody Maker. Their prize: a contract with EMI Records.



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