Dramatis were an English electro/art-pop band that released the album For Future Reference on the Rocket Record Company in 1981. The album yielded four singles with non-album b-sides; three further standalone singles followed in 1982. Dramatis coalesed from the 1979/80 backing band of Gary Numan. Drummer Cedric Sharpley recorded two albums circa 1975/76 with symphonic-rockers Druid.

Members: Chris Payne (viola, keyboards, vocals), Rrussell Bell (guitar, Chapman stick, synthesizer, vocals), Cedric Sharpley (drums, vocals), Denis Haines (piano, keyboards, vocals)


  • For Future Reference (1981)
  • “Ex Luna Scientia” / “Lady D.J.” (1981)
  • “Oh! Twenty Twenty-Five” / “The Curtain” (1981)
  • “No One Lives Forever” / “For Future Reference” (1981)
  • “Love Needs No Disguise” / “Take Me Home” (1981 • Gary Numan and Dramatis)
  • “The Shame” / “I Only Find Rewind” (1982)
  • “Face on the Wall” / “Pomp and Stomp and Stamp” (1982)
  • “I Can See Her Now” / “One Step Ahead” (1982)

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