Dr. Dopo Jam

Dr. Dopo Jam were a Danish avant-garde/jazz-rock band from Roskilde, formed in 1967. The band released two albums on the Zebra label circa 1973/74, followed by a third and final self-pressed longplayer in 1981.

Members: Kristian Pommer (clavinet, guitar, piano), Skak Snitker (trumpet), Nils Christensen “Vejmand” (drums, 1967-73), Lars Rasmussen (guitar, violin, 1968-71, 1981), Anders Gårdmand (saxophone, 1970-74), Bent Clausen (drums, vibraphone, 1970-74), Jørgen Knudsen (guitar, 1971-74), Lars Bisgaard (vocals, 1972-74), Jørn Nørdal (trombone, 1973-74), E. Weisgard (drums, congas, percussion, 1973-74), Vagn Hansen (bass, 1973-74), Michael Holmen (bass, 1981), Povl Olle Olsen (percussion, congas, 1981), Jacob Zaether (drums, 1981)


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