Doctor Nerve

Doctor Nerve were an American avant-rock band from NYC that released the album Out to Bomb Fresh Kings on Punos Music in 1984, followed by five discs on Cuneiform between 1987 an 2000.

Members: Nick Didkovsky (guitar), Greg Anderson (bass), Leo Ciesa (drums), Yves Duboin (soprano saxophone), Rob Henke (trumpet), Michael Lytle (bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet), Kathleen Supové (keyboards), Dave Douglas (trumpet)


  • Out to Bomb Fresh Kings (1984)
  • Armed Observation (1987)
  • Did Sprinting Die? (1990)
  • Beta 14 ok (1991)
  • Skin (1995)
  • Every Screaming Ear (1997)
  • Ereia (2000 • Doctor Nerve With The Sirius String Quartet)
  • The Monkey Farm (live, 2009)

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