Doctor Downtrip

Doctor Downtrip were a Belgian blues-rock band from Brussels that released a standalone single on Disques Vogue in 1972, followed by three 1972–73 singles and a 1973 self-titled album on CBS. The band shortened its name to Downtrip for two further albums on Epic and Philips between 1976 and 1979.

Members: Jean-Paul Goosens (vocals), Michael Heslop (guitar, vocals), Serge Paul (guitar), John Hastry (bass), Paul van der Velden (drums), Michel Rorive (vocals), Sylvain Paul (organ)


  • “Gravitation” / “Music for Your Mind” (1970)
  • “Take My Place” / “Depressed” (1972)
  • “Jumpin’ in the Air” / “Winter’s Coming” (1973)
  • Doctor Downtrip (1973)
  • “Anything Goes” / “Better Run Away” (1974)
  • If You Don’t Rock Now (1976 • Downtrip)
  • Downtown (1979 • Downtrip)

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