Djam Karet

Djam Karet are an American band from Claremont, Calif., that released more than 20 titles on self-press HC Productions between 1984 and the 2010s, in addition to five discs on Cuneiform.

Members: Gayle Ellett (guitar, organ, percussion), Mike Henderson (guitar, synthesizer), Chuck Oken, Jr. (drums, percussion, synthesizer), Henry J. Osborne (bass, keyboards, percussion, 1984-?), Aaron Kenyon (bass, 2002-present), Mike Murray (electric guitar, EBow, effects, ?-present)


  • No Commercial Potential (1985)
  • The Ritual Continues (1988)
  • Reflections From the Firepool (1989)
  • Burning the Hard City (1991)
  • Suspension & Displacement (1991)
  • Collaborator (1994)
  • The Devouring (1997)

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