Desert Harvest

Desert Harvest were an Austrian art-rock band from Linz that released the album Schwarz oder Rosa on self-press Ixthuluh Records in 1981. That same year, they issued a single under the truncated name De Ha. A further shortplayer followed on OK Musica in 1982.

Members: Franz Weger (Bass, Vocals), Arno Hemala (Drums, Percussion), Johann Kühnl (Guitar, Keyboards), Wolf Hinger (Keyboards, Vocals), Sam Auinger (Vocals, Saxophone, Guitar)


  • Sisyphos (cassette EP, 1979)
  • Schwarz oder Rosa (1981)
  • “Wahnsinn” / “Träumer” ‎(1981 De Ha)
  • “Alarm” / “Chic” (1982)

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