Derringer were an American hard-rock band from New York that released three studio albums and two live discs on CBS-subsidiary Blue Sky between 1976 and 1978. Namesake guitarist/vocalist Rick Derringer had a string of solo albums to his credit as well as time with Johnny Winter, Edgar Winter, and ’60s pop-rockers The McCoys. Bassist Kenny Aaronson hailed from Dust and Stories and would later do stints in Foghat and supergroup HSAS. Drummer Vinny Appice briefly played in Axis and Black Sabbath before landing a longterm gig in Dio.

Members: Rick Derringer (vocals, guitar), Kenny Aaronson (bass, backing vocals), Danny Johnson (guitar, vocals, 1976-77), Vinny Appice (drums, 1976-77), Myron Grombacher (drums, vocals, 1978)


  • Derringer (1976)
  • Live in Cleveland (1976)
  • Derringer Live (1977)
  • Sweet Evil (1977)
  • If I Weren’t So Romantic, I’d Shoot You (1978)

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