Department S

Department S were an English New Wave band that released three singles on Stiff Records circa 1980/81, preceded by a one-off as Guns for Hire. The band recorded nearly an album’s worth of original studio material that was ultimately released decades after the fact on the compilations Is Vic There? and Sub-Stance.

Members: Vaughn Toulouse (vocals, 1980-81), Mike Herbage (guitar), Tony Lordan (bass, 1980-81), Eddie Roxy (keyboards, vocals), Stuart Mizon (drums, 1980-81, 2007-15), Anthony Lloyd-Barnes (synthesizer, 1980-81), Mark Taylor (synthesizer, guitar, bass, 1981, 2007-13)


  • “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend” / “I’m Famous Now” (1980 • Guns for Hire)
  • “Is Vic There?” / “Solid Gold Easy Action” (1980)
  • “Going Left Right” / “She’s Expecting You” (1981)
  • “I Want” / “Monte Carlo or Bust” (1981)
  • Is Vic There? (1993)
  • Sub-Stance (2003)

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