Denis & Denis

Denis & Denis were a Yugoslav male/female synthpop duo from Rijeka in modern-day Croatia. The two released the 1984 album Čuvaj Se! and the 1985 EP Ja Sam Lažljiva, both on Jugoton, after which vocalist Marina Perazić left for a solo career. Keyboardist Davor Tolja enlisted fellow synth player Edi Kraljić for one further album under the Denis & Denis nameplate in 1988.

Members: Marina Perazić (vocals, 1982–85), Davor Tolja (keyboards), Edi Kraljić (keyboards, 1986–88)


  • Čuvaj Se! (1984)
  • Ja Sam Lažljiva (EP, 1985)
  • Budi tu (1988)

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