Delirium were an Italian folk-rock band that released two albums with accompanying singles on Fonit in 1971 and 1972, followed by the symphonic-leaning III – Viaggio negli Arcipelaghi del Tempo on Cetra in 1974.

Members: Ivano Fossati (vocals, flute, acoustic guitar, 1970-72), Ettore Vigo (keyboards, vocals), Marcello Reale (bass, vocals), Peppino Di Santo (drums, percussion, vocals), Martin Grice (flute, saxophone, keyboards, vocals, 1972-74, 2007-present), Mimmo Di Martino (guitar, vocals, 1972-74), Rino Dimopoli (keyboards, vocals, 1975), Roberto Solinas (vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, 2007-present), Fabio Chighini (bass, vocals, 2007-present)


  • Dolce acqua (1971)
  • Lo scemo e il villaggio (1972)
  • III – Viaggio negli Arcipelaghi del Tempo (1974)

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