Degada Saf

Degada Saf were an Italian coldwave band that released the album No Inzro on Rockgarage Records in 1984, followed by a standalone single on Casablanca in 1986.

Members: Fausto Crocetta (vocals, synthesizer), Fabio Basso (guitar, 1983-84), Gianni Baggio (keyboards, 1983), Stefano dal Col (1984-85), Michele Piovesan (synthesizer, 1985-present), Dino Favretto (guitar, 1985-86), Luigi Campalani (synthesizer, bass, 1983-86), Giancarlo Porro (saxophone, 1986)


  • No Inzro (1984)
  • “Trocadero” / “I Love Mexico” (1986)

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