Defunkt were an American avant-jazz/funk band from N.Y.C. that released two albums on Hannibal Records between 1980 and 1982, followed by a lengthy run of studio and live albums on assorted labels from 1988-onward.

Members: Joseph Bowie (trombone, vocals), Kim Clarke (bass), Ronnie Drayton (guitar), Bill Bickford (guitar), John Mulkerin (trumpet), Kenny Martin (drums), Kahil El’Zabar (percussion), Alex Harding (baritone saxophone), Vernon Reid (guitar), Melvin Gibbs (bass), Kelvyn Bell (guitar), Ayodele Maakheru [Martin Aubert] (guitar), Richard Martin (guitar), Ron Mac Jenkins (bass), Reggie Washington (bass), Lester Bowie (trumpet), Ted Daniels (trumpet), Byron Bowie (saxophone), Luther Thomas (saxophone), Charles Green (saxophone), Ronnie Burrage (drums), Rishard Lampese (guitar), Scooter Warner (drums), Tobias Ralph (drums), Kelli Sae (vocals), Martin Fischer (keyboards), Marcus Persiani (keyboards), Kevin Bents (keyboards), Bahnamous Bowie (keyboards), Adam Klipple (keyboards), Cliff Branch (keyboards)


  • Defunkt (1980)
  • Thermonuclear Sweat (1982)
  • In America (1988)
  • Heroes (1990)
  • Live at the Knitting Factory NYC (1991)
  • Crisis (1992)

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