De Press

De Press were a Norwegian New Wave/goth-rock band that released two albums and two shortplayers on Siberia between 1980 and 1982. Amid lineup changes, the band later relocated to Poland, releasing 12 albums between 1994 and 2016.

Members: Andrej Nebb (vocals, bass), Jørn Christensen (guitar, 1980-83), Anders Sevaldson (keyboards, 1980-83), Ola Snortheim (drums, 1980-83), Maciej Mąka (guitar, 1989-?), Dariusz Budkiewicz (bass guitar, 1989-present), Łukasz Gocal (drums, 1989-?), Sebastian Kret (guitar, ?-present), Seweryn Piętka (percussion, ?-present)


  • Block to Block (1981)
  • Product (1982)
  • On the Other Side (1983)
  • 3 Potocki (1991)

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