Danny Wilson

Danny Wilson was a Scottish sophisti-pop band that charted with “Mary’s Prayer” from their 1987 Virgin debut Meet Danny Wilson. They scored another hit with “The Second Summer of Love” from their 1989 sophomore release Be Bop Mop Top.

Members: Gary Clark (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Kit Clark (multi-instrumentalist), Ged Grimes (bass guitar, keyboards)


Danny Wilson evolved from Spencer Tracy, formed in 1985 by longtime Dundee music friends Gary Clark and Ged Grimes.

Clark (b. March 10, 1962) played in school bands with Grimes (b. March 28, 1962). With shared interests in jazz-pop (Steely Dan), soul (Stevie Wonder), and orchestral ballads (Burt Bacharach), the two moved to London and played in multiple bands, including Perfect Strangers, Clark’s Commandos, and Dream Kitchen.

As the media caught hold of Scotland’s new breed of soul-pop (The Big Dish, Hipsway, Hue and Cry, Love and Money), Clark and Grimes returned to Dundee and formed a trio with Gary’s younger brother, Kit Clark. They named their act Spencer Tracy after the actor: an icon of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

Spencer Tracy drew rave reviews for their live act and courted swift interest from the majors. In 1986, they signed with Virgin Records. Just as their first album neared completion, Tracy’s estate objected to their band name. They made a last-minute name-change to Danny Wilson, taken from the 1952 Frank Sinatra musical drama Meet Danny Wilson, a movie favorite of the Clark brother’s father.



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