Daly-Wilson Big Band

The Daly-Wilson Big Band were an Australian hard-bop/jazz-funk ensemble led by drummer Warren Daly and trumpeter/trombonist Ed Wilson. The band debuted with a live album on Columbia in 1971, followed by five further albums on Festival, Reprise, and Hammard between 1972 and 1978.

Members: Warren Daly (drums), Ed Wilson (trumpet, trombone, arranger), Dieter Vogt (bass), Ray Alridge (keyboards), Col Nolan (keyboards), Graeme Lyall (horns), Bob McIvor, Tony Buchanan (horns), Kerrie Biddell (vocals), Marcia Hines (vocals), Ricky May (vocals), Don Raverty (trumpet), Norm Harris (trumpet), Lary Elam (trumpet), Warren Clarke (trumpet), Charles Hull (keyboards), Pat Crichton (trumpet), Herbie Cannon (trombone), Merv Knott (trombone), Peter Scott (trombone), Doug Foskett (saxophone), Paul Long (saxophone), John Mitchell (saxophone), Bob Pritchard (saxophone), John Helman (bass), Dave Donovan (guitar)


  • Live at the Cellblock (1971)
  • The Exciting Daly-Wilson Big Band featuring Kerrie Biddell (1972)
  • On Tour (1973)
  • Daly Wilson Big Band featuring Marcia Hines (1975)
  • The Daly Wilson Big Band in Australia ’77 (1977)
  • Too Good for a One Night Stand (1978)

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