Culpeper’s Orchard

Culpeper’s Orchard were a Danish hard-rock/folk-rock band that released three albums on Polydor during 1971 and 1972.

Members: Cy Nicklin (vocals, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, percussion), Nils Henriksen (lead guitar, piano, vocals, acoustic guitar, harpsichord), Michael Friis (bass, organ, flute, percussion), Rodger Barker (drums, percussion), Ken Gudman (drums), Niels Vangkilde (guitar), Nils Tuxen (pedal steel guitar, dobro), Thomas Puggaard-Müller (guitar), Tom McEwan (drums)


  • Culpeper’s Orchard (1971)
  • “Steamhouse” / “Classified Ads” (1971)
  • Going for a Song (1972)
  • Second Sight (1972)

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