Crumbacher were an American melodic-rock band from Riverside, Calif., that released the album Incandescent on Broken Records in 1985, followed by three albums on Christian label Frontline between 1986 and 1988. Namesake keyboardist/singer Stephen Crumbächer and guitarist Christopher Duke released a fifth album as a duo in 1990.

Members: Stephen Crumbächer (piano, keyboards, vocals), Dawn Wisner-Johnson (vocals, keyboards), Jim Wisner (drums, backing vocals), Dan Hohulin (guitar), Christopher Duke (acoustic guitar, backing vocals, electric guitar)


  • Incandescent (1985)
  • Escape From the Fallen Planet (1986)
  • Thunder Beach (1987)
  • Tame the Volcano (1988)
  • Worlds Away (1990 • Crumbächer-Duke)

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  1. Hello , is the band Crumbacher still into music these days, I still love listening to their music and all the great christain music from the 80s & 90s so awesome to see they are from Riverside my business Johnny’s Auto Color is in Riverside. Thank you for the great music and hope the whole band is doing great.

    God Bless

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