Crow were an American psych-rock band from Minneapolis that released three albums on Amaret Records between 1969 and 1971. Their first, Crow Music, contains the track “Evil Woman” that was popularized on the debut album by Black Sabbath.

Members: Dave Wagner (vocals, 1969-71, 1981-82), Dave “Kink” Middlemist (keyboards), Dick Wiegand (guitar), Larry Wiegand (bass), Harry Nehls (drums, 1969), Mike Mlazgar (drums, 1969), Denny Craswell (drums), Mick Stanhope (vocals, 1971-72), Gwen Matthews (vocals, 1971-72) Debbie Oldenwald (vocals, 1971-72), Chico Perez (congas, 1971-72), Jeff Christensen (guitar, 1981-82), John Richardson (guitar, 1981-82), Denny Johnson (bass, 1981-82), Robbie Belleville (drums, 1981-82)


  • Crow Music (1969)
  • Crow by Crow (1970)
  • Mosaic (1971)
  • On the Run (1981)

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