Crack were a Spanish symphonic-rock band that released the album Si Todo Hiciera Crack on Chapa in 1979.

Members: Alex Cabral (bass), Alberto Fontaneda (guitar, flute, vocals), Mento Hevia (keyboards, vocals), Manolo Jiménez (drums), Rafael Rodríguez (guitar)

Crack was formed in the late 1970s by five young musicians from Gijón in the north-coast community of Asturias. They released their singular album, Si Todo Hiciera Crack, on Chapa Discos in June 1979. It features seven originals credited to guitarist/vocalist Alberto Fontaneda and keyboardist/vocalist Mento Hevia, including “Descenso del Mahellstrong,” “Marchando una del Cid,” and the 10-minute title-track. The shorter tracks “Buenos Deseos” and “Cobarde O Desertor” were issued as 7″ a-sides. The self-produced album features a dome-caged rodent on the cover.

Though hailed as a Spanish classic alongside titles by Bloque, Gotic, Granada, and Mezquita, Si Todo Hiciera Crack has drawn more comparisons with its flute-laden Italian predecessors (Osanna, Quella Vecchia Locanda).

Crack disbanded soon after the album’s release. Fontaneda and guitarist Rafael Rodríguez played on the 1981 album Reportaje de un Alma by pop singer Alejandro. Hevia resurfaced in the mid-’80s one-off Yola. Drummer Manolo Jimenez cut a single with punk-rockers Garage.

Si Todo Hiciera Crack was first reissued in 1989 on the Japanese label Crime. The subsequent decade saw it thrice reissued on the South Korean Zafiro, S.A. and Si-Wan labels.


  • Si Todo Hiciera Crack (1979)


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