Crack was the supposed name of an American hard-rock/psych band whose music was released on the album Day of Doom by the Tiger Lily tax scam label in 1976.

Members: Andrea Borega (lead vocals, synthesizer, percussion), Darryl Kaye (backing vocals, flute, guitar, bass, harp)

Day of Doom was one of more than 50 albums issued on Morris Levy’s Tiger Lily label (cat# TL – 14048) in 1976. As with most Tiger Lily releases, little is known about the band or the source of the recordings. The label acquired unreleased demoes from assorted acts and released them without the consent or knowledge of the artists.

Day of Doom features eight songs, including “Earth,” “Andrea,” the title-track, and the epics “Evil and Cruel” and “The Sailor Song.” The album is described as heavy psych with Anderson-like flute. The recording dates of these songs is uncertain but likely predate the album’s release by several years.


  • Day of Doom (1976)


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