Contraluz was an Argentine art-rock/folk band that formed in 1969 and was initially active for five years. In 1973, the band released the album Americanos, which was followed by a standalone single. A quarter-century later, the nameplate was resurrected for three further albums during the 2000s.

Members: Carlos Barrio (guitar, flute), Néstor Barrio (drums), Alfredo Prochnik [aka Freddy] (bass), Alejandro Barzi (flute, vocals), Álvaro Cañada (vocals, 1973-74), Gustavo Dinerstein (flute, saxophone, 1973-74), Jorge Guarnieri (vocals, guitar, 1973-74)


  •  Americanos (1973)
  • “Que tu voz se Escuche” / “Y un Día Solo” (1974)

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