Contraction was a Québécois symphonic/jazz/folk band that released a self-titled album on Columbia in 1972, followed by La Bourse ou la Vie on Deram in 1974.

Members: Robert Lachapelle (piano, organ, synthesizer), Yves Laferrière (bass), Richard Perrotte (drums, 1973-76), Christiane Robichaud (vocals), Robert Stanley (guitar), Christian St-Roch (drums, 1971-73)

Contraction spawned from the backing band of Franck Dervieux, a terminally ill composer who recruited six musicians for his 1972 Columbia release Dimension ‘M’. Those involved included bassist Yves Laferrière, drummer Christian St-Roch, percussionist Michel Seguin, and singer Christiane Robichaud. Soon after that project, they linked with guitarist Robert Stanley and keyboardist Robert Lachapelle.

Laferrière hailed from the early ’60s folk quartet Les Quatre-20. Seguin played on 1971/72 albums by the Cousineau family and had just become a sessionist, playing on current albums by Robert Charlebois, J. P. Ferland, Isabelle Pierre, and Renée Claude.



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