Comus were an English folk-psych band from Beckenham that released the album First Utterance and a standalone single on Dawn in 1971, followed by To Keep From Crying on Virgin in 1974.

Members: Roger Wootton (guitar, vocals), Andy Hellaby (bass), Bobbie Watson (vocals, percussion), Glenn Goring (guitar, vocals, bongos, 1968-72, 2008-present), Colin Pearson (violin, viola, 1968-72, 2008-present), Rob Young (keyboards, percussion, oboe, flute, 1970-71), Lindsay Cooper (oboe, bassoon, vocals, 1972, 1974), Gordon Coxon (drums, 1974), Keith Hale (keyboards, 1974)


  • First Utterance (1971)
  • “Diana” / “In the Lost Queen’s Eyes” / “Winter Is a Coloured Bird” (1971)
  • To Keep From Crying (1974)

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