Combo FH

Combo FH were a Czech avant-garde/jazz-rock band that existed for 12 years, starting in 1974. The band debuted in 1976 with a three-song EP, released as part of Panton’s Mini Jazz Klub series. A break of four years preceded a 1980 single release on the label, followed in 1981 by the popular album Věci (Things). A further break of five years followed before the band’s second and final full-length, Situace na Střeše, appeared in 1986.

Members: Daniel Fikejz (keyboards, vocals), Bořivoj Suchý (saxophone), Milan Sládek (bassoon, percussion), Oldřich Svoboda (flute), Peter Hájek (bass), Richard Mader (guitar), Jaroslav Hönig (guitar), Vít Ondráček (drums), Tomáš Suchomel (drums), Karel Ešpandr (guitar, vocals), Petr Venkrbec (saxophone, vocals), Pavel Ryba (bass), Ivan Dvořák (drums)


  • Mini Jazz Klub 11 (EP, 1976)
  • “Horký vzduch a písek” / “Tic-Tac Hugo” (1980)
  • Věci (Things) (1981)
  • Situace na Střeše (1986)

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