Coloured Balls

Coloured Balls were an Australian hard-rock band from Melbourne led by guitarist Lobby Loyde. They collaborated with Aztecs figurehead Billy Thorpe on the 1973 Mushroom release Summer Jam, followed by the EMI albums Ball Power and Heavy Metal Kid. Their earliest sessions (circa 1972) appeared as The First Supper Last, released in 1976 on Rainbird.

Members: Lobby Loyde (guitar), Andrew Fordham (guitar, vocals), Janis Miglans (bass), Trevor Young (drums), Phil Rudd (drums)


  • Summer Jam (1973 • Coloured Balls, Billy Thorpe & Leo De Castro)
  • Ball Power (1973)
  • Heavy Metal Kid (1974)
  • The First Supper Last (1976, recorded 1972)

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