Colin Blunstone

Colin Blunstone is an English singer who fronted The Zombies, which charted with the British Invasion classics “She’s Not There,” “Tell Her No,” and “Time of the Season.”

As a solo artist, Colin released the 1971–74 Epic albums One Year, Ennismore, and Journey and scored hits with “She Loves the Way They Love Her,” “I Don’t Believe In Miracles,” and “Wonderful.”

He sings the 1982 ballad “Old and Wise” by the Alan Parsons Project. In 1984, he fronted the APP-spinoff Keats.

Early Life

He was born Colin Edward Michael Blunstone on June 24, 1945, in Hatfield, Hertfordshire to De Havilland aeronautical engineer Arthur Blunstone and housewife (and onetime dancer) Dorothy. Colin attended St Albans County Grammar School for Boys, where in early 1962 he joined The Zombies, formed by classmate and keyboardist Rod Argent.

The Zombies

They entered and won a local music contest that awarded them money for a demo session. Rod’s original “She’s Not There” impressed Decca, which signed The Zombies in time for the British Invasion. With guitarist–songwriter Chris White, the band played a mix of R&B and melodic beat, marked by Argent’s jazzy keyboards and Colin’s smooth, airy croon.

The Zombies scored transatlantic hits with “She’s Not There” and “Tell Her No.” Between 1964 and 1966, they released ten singles and the album Begin Here. They embraced psychedelia and baroque pop on their 1967–68 singles “Friends of Mine” and “Care of Cell 44,” recorded in preparation for their second album Odessey and Oracle, which gained belated stateside recognition when its centerpiece, “Time of the Season,” became a 1969 Billboard hit. By then, Rod dissolved the band and formed Argent with (ex-Unit 4 + 2) guitarist–songwriter Russ Ballard.

Solo Career

Blunstone sought brief employment as an insurance clerk before his relaunch as a solo singer. In 1969, he signed with Decca and released three singles under the name Neil MacArthur.

10 Jan 1969
A. “She’s Not There”
B. “World of Glass”

20 Jun 1969
A. “Don’t Try to Explain”
B. “Without Her”

17 Oct 1969
A. “It’s Not Easy”
B. “12.29”

One Year

Colin Blunstone released his debut solo album, One Year, in November 1971 on Epic.

1. “She Loves the Way They Love Her” Rod Argent, Chris White (2:49)
2. “Misty Roses” Tim Hardin (5:04)
3. “Smokey Day” Rod Argent, Chris White (3:13)
4. “Caroline Goodbye” Colin Blunstone (2:54)
5. “Though You Are Far Away” Colin Blunstone (3:24)
6. “Mary Won’t You Warm My Bed” Mike d’Abo (3:11)
7. “Her Song” Rod Argent, Chris White (3:31)
8. “I Can’t Live Without You” Colin Blunstone (3:27)
9. “Let Me Come Closer to You” Colin Blunstone (2:24)
10. “Say You Don’t Mind” Denny Laine (3:20)


Colin Blunstone released his second solo album, Ennismore, in November 1972 on Epic.

1. “I Don’t Believe in Miracles” (Russ Ballard) – 3:03
2. “Quartet: Exclusively for Me” (Colin Blunstone, David Jones) – 2:30
3. “Quartet: A Sign from Me to You” (Blunstone) – 3:58
4. “Quartet: Every Sound I Heard” (Blunstone, David Jones) – 2:26
5. “Quartet: How Wrong Can One Man Be” (Blunstone) – 2:02
6. “I Want Some More” (Blunstone) – 3:08
7. “Pay Me Later” (Blunstone, Phil Dennys) – 2:46
8. “Andorra” (Rod Argent, Chris White) – 3:18
9. “I’ve Always Had You” (Blunstone) – 2:32
10. “Time’s Running Out” (Blunstone) – 2:41
11. “How Could We Dare to Be Wrong” (Blunstone, Phil Dennys) – 3:24


Colin Blunstone released his third album, Journey, in 1974 on Epic.

1. “Wonderful” (Rod Argent, Chris White)
2. “Beginning
3. “Keep the Curtains Closed Today
4. “Weak for You” (Pete Wingfield)
5. “Beware” (Argent, White)
6. “Smooth Operation” (Pete Wingfield)
7. “This is Your Captain Calling” (Richard Kerr, Gary Osborne)
8. “Something Happens When You Touch Me” (Blunstone, Richard Kerr)
9. “Setting Yourself Up
10. “Brother Lover” (Blunstone, Richard Kerr)
11. “Shadow of a Doubt” (Pete Wingfield)

Planes (1976)

Never Even Thought (1978)

Late Nights in Soho (1979)


  • One Year (1971)
  • Ennismore (1972)
  • Journey (1974)
  • Planes (1976)
  • Never Even Thought (1978)
  • Late Nights in Soho (1979)


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