Cleveland Eaton – Instant Hip (1976)

Instant Hip is the third album by American jazz-funk musician Cleveland Eaton, released in 1976 on Ovation.

A1. “Bo’s Blue” (5:23)
A2. “Pure Love” (3:41)
A3. “Funky Funky Music” (3:58)
A4. “Reason’s” (4:21)
A5. “Cleve’s Jam” (5:51)
B1. “Whammy Ommy” (5:37)
B2. “I Feel Trouble on It’ Way Again” (5:08)
B3. “The Funky Cello” (4:19)
B4. “Bama Boogie Woogie” (5:29)
B5. “Natural Rhythm” (2:35)

Drums – Nathaniel Miller
Photography – Judson
Producer – Bama Music Inc.
Trombone – Archie Cooper, Kennith Judkins
Trumpet – Hudie Henderson
Vocals, Bass [Electric], Cello [Jazz] – Cleveland Eaton
Vocals, Congas – Atif Adul Razzaq
Vocals, Electric Piano, Clavinet, Other [String Machine] – Kennith Tally
Vocals, Flute – Vickie Gayle
Vocals, Guitar – Earl (Country Boy) Williams

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