City Boy

City Boy was an English art-rock sextet from Birmingham that released seven albums on Vertigo between 1976 and 1981. The band was noted for its theatrical stage shows and harmonized, multisectional material. Their first five albums were produced by Robert John “Mutt” Lange, who developed his later-famous surround-sound techniques while working with the band.

Members: Lol Mason (vocals), Mike Slamer (guitar, bass), Max Thomas (keyboards), Roy Ward (drums, vocals), Steve Broughton (vocals, acoustic guitar), Chris Dunn (bass), Roger Kent (drums)

City Boy evolved from a boyhood friendship between singer Lol Mason and singer/acoustic guitarist Steve Broughton. They met as children and became songwriting partners while attending separate boarding schools in 1960s Birmingham. In the early 1970s, the pair formed the folk four-piece Back In the Band with local ragtime guitarist Chris Dunn and Mason’s old school friend Max Thomas, who initially played 12-string and bongos.

After some time on the Midlands pub circuit, they added guitarist Mike Slamer and drummer Roger Kent. Dunn and Thomas switched to bass and keyboards, respectively. The now six-piece band renamed itself City Boy and developed a theatrical stage act with a musical mix of folk, funk, and hard-rock.

In 1975, City Boy signed to Phonogram’s Vertigo subsidiary and linked with producer Robert John Lange. The first fruits of this union was the single “Shake My Head and Leave” (b/w “Teleulah”), released in several territories late that year.

City Boy

City Boy released their self-titled debut album in February 1976 on Vertigo.

“The Hap-ki-do Kid”

“Surgery Hours (Doctor, Doctor)”

Dinner at the Ritz

City Boy released their second album, Dinner at the Ritz, in March 1977 on Vertigo.

Young Men Gone West

City Boy released their third album, Young Men Gone West, in September 1977 on Vertigo.

“She’s Got Style”

“I’ve Been Spun”

Book Early

City Boy released their fourth album, Book Early, in September 1978 on Vertigo.


“What a Night”

“Summer in the Schoolyard”

The Day the Earth Caught Fire

City Boy released their fifth album, The Day the Earth Caught Fire, in August 1979 on Vertigo.

“The Day the Earth Caught Fire” 

Heads Are Rolling

City Boy released their sixth album, Heads Are Rolling, in November 1980 on Vertigo.

“Heads Are Rolling” 

It’s Personal

City Boy released their seventh album, It’s Personal, in 1981 on Vertigo.



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