Chuzpe were an Austrian New Wave Band from Wien that debuted with a standalone single on Schnazz-o-phone Records in 1979, followed by three 1981 singles and the 1982 album 1000 Takte Tanz on GiG Records.

Members: Robert (guitar, vocals), Stephan (synthesizer, vocals), Christian (bass, vocals), Gunulf (drums, vocals)


  • “(They Can’t Beat) The Beat” / “I Love the Sixties” (1979)
  • “Charlie Chan” (1981)
  • “Love Will Tear Us Apart” / “Love Will Tear Us Apart (Inst.)” (1981)
  • “Marilyn” (1981)
  • 1000 Takte Tanz (1982)
  • “Der Spezial-Agent” / “(Zum Glück ist) Don Quichote (Zurück)” (1984)
  • Unpop (1987)

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