Chris Braun Band

Chris Braun Band were a German art-rock combo that released two albums on BASF and PAn between 1971 and 1973, followed by a soundtrack EP and third full-length on Winkelmann’s and Welt during the early 1980s.

Members: Chris Braun (vocals), Bernd Adamkewitz (guitar, saxophone), Klaus Melchers (keyboards), Elmar Krohn (guitar, flute, percussion, vocals), Horst Schreiber (guitar, percussion, vocals), Jochen Bernstein (bass), Bill Bakine (drums, percussion), Ralph Bloch, Hermann Quetting

  • Both Sides (1971)
  • Foreign Lady (1973)
  • Jede Menge Kohle (OST, 1981)
  • Ultra Braun (1983)

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