Chilliwack were a Canadian hard-rock/pop band from Vancouver that debuted with a self-titled album on Parrot in 1970, followed by an eponymous double-LP on A&M in 1971. After a third release on A&M in 1972, the band issued two albums on Goldfish/Sire in 1974/75 and three albums on Mushroom between 1976 and 1980. The band made inroads stateside with the 1981/82 Solid Gold/Millennium releases Wanna Be a Star and Opus X, which both spawned heavily rotated clips on a then-fledgling MTV.

Chilliwack’s original lineup comprised four-fifths of late-1960s psych-rockers The Collectors.

Members: Bill Henderson (vocals, guitar, piano, synthesizers), Claire Lawrence (saxophone, keyboards, vocals, flute, piano, 1970-78), Glenn Miller (guitar, bass, vocals, 1970-77), Ross Turney (drums, 1970-78, 1979-84), Howard Froese (guitar, keyboards, vocals, 1974-77), Brian MacLeod [aka Too Loud] (guitar, keyboards, vocals, 1977-84), Ab Bryant (bass, vocals, 1978-84), Rick Taylor (drums, 1978-79), John Roles (guitar, 1978-79)


  • Chilliwack (1970)
  • Chilliwack (2LP, 1971)
  • All Over You (1972)
  • Riding High (1974)
  • Rockerbox (1975)
  • Dreams, Dreams, Dreams (1976)
  • Lights From the Valley (1978)
  • Breakdown in Paradise (1980)
  • Wanna Be a Star (1981)
  • Opus X (1982)
  • Look In Look Out (1984)

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