Charlie and the Pep Boys

Charlie and the Pep Boys were an American R&B/rock band from Washington D.C. that released the album Daddy’s Girl on A&M in 1976. Charles Woods Pearson and rhythm guitarist Alan Adkins carried on in the act Tears with ex-King Crimson drummer Ian Wallace and future-Foghat guitarist Erik Cartwright, issuing an eponymous album on Backstreet in 1979.

Pep Boys lead guitarist Mike Stern concurrently played with Blood, Sweat & Tears and soon thereafter appeared on albums by Andy Pratt and ex-Orchestra Luna guitarist Randy Roos. During the 1980s, Stern notched credits with Miles Davis, Michael Mantler, Michał Urbaniak, and Steve Smith’s Vital Information. In 1983, Stern issued Neesh, his first of many jazz-rock solo albums.

Members: Rolf Hanson (bass), Lefty Potomac (keyboards), Michael Stern (lead guitar), Charles Woods Pearson (lead vocals), Alan Adkins (rhythm guitar, vocals), Michael Shear (saxophone), Michael Zack (drums), Craig Ryan (trumpet)

Daddy’s Girl (1976)

Daddy’s Girl is the singular album by Charlie and the Pep Boys. It was recorded at Bias Recording Studio, Falls Church, Virginia and released in late 1976 on A&M. The album features 10 band originals, mostly written by Pearson and Stern. The Stonesey rocker “Give Me More” (3:24) was issued as a mono b/w stereo single. The comedic cover art, depicting a middle-aged man with a life-size girl doll, was designed by John Cabalka (The Kinks, Deep Purple, Al Jarreau, Peter Ivers) and Junie Osaki (Esperanto, Elkie Brooks, Styx, Lewis Furey).

Musically, Daddy’s Girl mines brassy, harmony-laden R&B/pop-rock territory in sync with the J. Geils Band, notably on the Cmaj7 crooner “Still Thinking About You,” the saxy Motown pastiche “Seven Come Eleven,” the gospelly “The Storm Has Passed,” the Leslied blues-rocker “Right As Rain,” and the twangy/ivory ballad “Lara.”


  • Daddy’s Girl (1976)



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  1. I worked at a club in Georgetown, DC where they played frequently. The club’s name was JJ’s Apple Pie on M street I like the band, bought the album and still have it. I added the CD to my wish list on Discogs

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