Charge were an English punk-rock/goth band from London that debuted with a live album on Trikont in 1980, followed by singles on YCAFO and Test Pressings. In 1982, the band released two shortplayers and the album Perfection on Kamera Records.

Members: Stu P Didiot [Stuart Lunn] (guitar, vocals, 1977-83), Iain MacLaughlan (vocals, 1977-80), Dave Griffiths (bass), Martyn Watts (drums, 1979-83), Moose [Robert Bell] (vocals, 1980-83), Steve Reeves (1983)


  • Caged & Staged: Live in Germany (live, 1980)
  • “You Get What You Deserve” / “Rather B. Crazy” / “Angel Decease” (1980)
  • “Kings Cross” / “Brave New World” / “Gods Kids” (1981)
  • “Fashion” / “Ugly Shadows” (1982)
  • Destroy the Youth (EP, 1982)
  • Perfection (1982)

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