Change were a soul-funk studio project that yielded six albums on Warner and Atlantic/RFC between 1980 and 1985. The project was assembled by a Bologna-based production team and featured a revolving cast of American vocalists and musicians.

Members: Jocelyn Brown (lead vocals, 1980), Luther Vandross (lead vocals, 1980), Diva Gray (lead vocals, 1981), James Robinson (lead vocals, 1981-83), Gordon Grody (vocals, 1981), Mauro Malavasi (piano, synthesizer, 1980-83), Davide Romani (bass, keyboards, 1980-82, 1985), Paolo Gianolio (guitar, 1980-83), Rudy Trevisi (saxophone, 1980-83), Doc Powell (guitar), Terry Silverlight (drums, 1981-82), Onaje Allan Gumbs (keyboards, 1981), Maurizio Biancani (synthesizer, 1981), Deborah “Debra” Cooper (lead vocals, 1982-85), Timmy Allen (bass, keyboards, lead vocals, 1982-85), Michael Campbell (guitar, 1982-85), Jeff Bova (keyboards, 1982-83), Toby Johnson (drums, 1983-84), Vincent Henry (guitar, saxophone, 1982-85), Jeff Bova (synthesizer, keyboards, 1982-84), Rick Galwey (percussion, 1982), Rick Brennan (lead vocals, 1983-85)


  • The Glow of Love (1980)
  • Miracles (1981)
  • Sharing Your Love (1982)
  • This Is Your Time (1983)
  • Change of Heart (1984)
  • Turn On Your Radio (1985)

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