Chainsaw Jazz

Chainsaw Jazz was an American jazz-rock band that released the album DisConcerto on Cuneiform in 1993.

Members: Mark Stanley (guitar), Christian Nagle (guitar), Mark Smoot (bass), Mark Gilbert (saxophone, clarinet), Ed Maguire (violin, electric mandolin), Paul Sears (drums)

DisConcerto was released on Cuneiform Records (cat# RUNE 46) in 1993. It features 15 songs and a running time of 55 minutes. The tracks include “Kampuchea,” “Infusoria,” “Cytoplasm,” “Abcess of Malice,” “Mad Whiskey Bitch,” and “Lurch.” Smoot wrote eight numbers; the remainder is split primarily between Maquire and Nagle. The self-produced album was recorded at Monster Studios between summer 1989 and winter 1992. The cover/insert artwork was illustrated by Martin D. Murphy (Cat Box Prod.) in a style reminiscent of Gary Panter.



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