Cesar Mariano & Cia

Cesar Camargo Mariano (born Sept. 19, 1943) is a Brazilian pianist and composer who released eight albums in solo and collaborative form between 1966 and 1988. In 1977, he assembled the samba-funk backing band Cia for the album São Paulo, Brasil on RCA Victor, followed by an eponymous 1980 release on EMI.

Cesar Mariano & Cia members: César Camargo Mariano (keyboards), Natan Marques (electric guitar, acoustic guitar), Crispim Del Cistia (guitar, keyboards), Wilson Gomes (electric bass), Dudu Portes (drums)


  • Octeto de César Camargo Mariano (1966)
  • São Paulo, Brasil (1977)
  • César Camargo Mariano & Cia. (1980)
  • Samambaia (1981 • César Camargo Mariano & Hélio Delmiro)
  • A Todas as Amizades (1983)
  • Todas as teclas (1983 • Wagner Tiso & César Camargo Mariano)
  • Voz e Suor (1983 • Nana Caymmi & César Camargo Mariano)
  • Mitos (1988)

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