Centipede was an English avant-garde jazz big-band led by pianist Keith Tippett for the 1971 RCA/Neon double-album Septober Energy, comprised of a title-sake improvisation split across four sides. It was produced by Robert Fripp shortly after Tippet’s involvement with the 1970 King Crimson albums In the Wake of Poseidon and Lizard. The 50+ ensemble featured Tippett’s then-wife, singer Julie Tippetts, and members of Crimson, Nucleus, Delivery, Soft Machine, Brotherhood of Breath, Patto, and the Blossom Toes.

Members: Keith Tippett (piano), Elton Dean (saxophone), Ian McDonald (saxophone), Dudu Pukwana (saxophone), Jan Steele (saxophone), Brian Smith (saxophone), Gary Windo (saxophone), Larry Stabbins (saxophone), Alan Skidmore (saxophone), Karl Jenkins (saxophone), John Williams (saxophone), Dave White (saxophone, clarinet), Ian Carr (trumpet, flugelhorn), Mark Charig (cornet), Mongezi Feza (pocket cornet), Mick Collins (trumpet), Peter Parkes (trumpet), Nick Evans (trombone), Paul Rutherford (trombone), Dave Amis (trombone), Dave Perrotet (trombone), Julie Tippetts (vocals), Mike Patto (vocals), Maggie Nicols (vocals), Zoot Money (vocals), Boz Burrell (vocals), Brian Godding (guitar), Roy Babbington (bass), Jeff Clyne (bass), Harry Miller (bass), Dave Markee (bass), Jill Lyons (bass), Brian Belshaw (bass), Robert Wyatt (drums), John Marshall (drums), Tony Fennell (drums)


  • Septober Energy (1971)


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