Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem was a French space-rock band that released two albums on Arcane/Crypto between 1975 and 1977.

Members: Christian Truchi (organ, synthesizer, piano, lead vocals), Gilbert Abbenanti (guitar, 1970-77), Alain Bergé (bass, 1970-77), Claude Méchard (drums, 1970-74), Claude “Marius” David (soprano saxophone, flute, percussion, 1974-79), Alain Faraut (drums, percussion, 1974-79), Georges Ferrero (bass, 1977-79), Gérald Macia (guitar, violin, 1977-79)

Carpe Diem coalesced in 1970 and evolved through several iterations over their first half-decade. In 1974, bassist Alain Bergé partook in the Visitors super-project headed by Jean-Pierre Massiera.

In August 1975, Carpe Diem recorded their debut album at Antibes-Azurville Studio, Massiera’s 16-track facility in Côte d’Azur. The fruits of this labor, En Regardant Passer le Temps, was issued late that year on Arcane/Crypto. It starts with the winding, cosmic “Voyage du Non-Retour” and proceeds through three spacey epics: “Publiophobie,” “Jeux du Siecle,” and “Reincarnation.” The cover displays an Escher-esque illustration that mirrors across the spine on opened gatefold copies.

In December 1976, Carpe Diem recorded their second album, Cueille le Jour, at Studio D’Antibes. Side one consists of five short pieces, including “Laure,” “Naissance,” and “Divertimento.” Side two is devoted to the five-part suite “Couleurs.” It was issued on Crypto and produced by label-head Jean-Claude Pognant, who managed Ange and oversaw contemporaneous recordings by Mona Lisa, Tangerine, and Wapassou.

Both albums were remastered and reissued with liner notes by French archivists Musea during the 1990s. Carpe Diem’s lengthy, fusiony jams and crystalline, velvety keyboard textures are often compared to 1975–77 Camel and You-era Gong.



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